This section includes the list of CANDELA public deliverables grouped by work package.
These deliverables will be published at the due date.

WP1 Big Data Shift for EO users

D1.2 Forest Use Case Requirements v1   (31/Oct/2018)
D1.6 Forest Use Case Requirements v2   (21/Apr/2020)
D1.9 DataCube Integration Report v1   (31/Oct/2018)
D1.10 DataCube Integration Report v2   (27/Nov/2019)

WP2 EO data analytics

D2.1 Data Mining v1   (31/Oct/2018)
D2.2 Data Mining v2   (09/Jul/2020)
D2.3 Deep Learning v1   (31/Oct/2018)
D2.4 Deep Learning v2   (30/Apr/2020)
D2.5 Semantic Search v1   (31/Oct/2018)
D2.6 Semantic Search v2   (01/Jun/2020)
D2.7 Data Fusion v1   (31/Oct/2018)
D2.8 Data Fusion v2   (10/Jul/2020)

WP3 Demonstrator implementation

D3.3 CANDELA Platform v1   (31/Dec/2018)
D3.4 CANDELA Platform v2   (29/Jun/2020)