Thursday, November 7, 2019
Frascati (Rome), Italy

On November 7th and 8th, 2019, the CANDELA project will participate in Joint Hackathon organized by EO-2-2017.

An open and free joint hackathon is being organized by the 5 projects running under the umbrella of the H2020 EU funded topic on EO Big Data Shift and Space Research. The developers and prospective users of the five projects will work together to try the tools, test requirements and explore interactions.

Location: Frascati, Italy 

Place of Event: Hotel Villa Tuscolana 

Agenda: The hackathon will run for one day and a half. It is expected to start at 9:00 on the 7th and finishing around 14:00 on Friday 8th.

Read more about the event at the European Commission website 

The CANDELA Pre-Webinar is available on YouTube  

All files from the hackathon prepared by CANDELA are accessible in the links below