Copernicus Access Platform Intermediate Layers Small Scale Demonstrator

CANDELA is demonstrating the breadth of project capabilities with a real-life small demonstrator, combining several data sources, combining advanced predictive analytics, linking a full processing chain and producing commercial products for forestry management and macro-economics insights extraction.

Our project is clearly focused on bridging the gap between the great wealth of European Earth Observation expertise and the big data domain which present specific, exciting and new challenges for the Copernicus community.

Main Objectives

Earth Observation data mining for classification and change detection

Deep Learning for Change Detection on time series for optical and radar Earth observation data

Semantic search and indexation on the output of the Earth observation library and non-image data

Data fusion techniques to merge preprocessed data that came from various sources

Reference Scenarios

Partners will design, implement and validate scalable EO data analytics to process large amounts of data.
These algorithms will be implemented on CANDELA platform, which has an access to Copernicus data, and will be applied at regional and national level to use cases such as: urban expansion, forest health and natural disasters (e.g. forest fire, vineyard damages).

Urban Expansion and Agriculture

Assessing the development of urban areas and the corresponding agriculture area loss

Change Detection in Vineyards

Assessing damage level in vineyards caused by natural hazards

Abrupt Natural Disasters

Localizing and estimating the severity of abrupt natural disasters

Forest Health Monitoring

Monitoring of forest health conditions

Next Events and Tweets

Next Events

Joint Hackathon organized by EO-2-2017 projects

Frascati (Rome), Italy

ISESS 2020

Wageningen, Netherlands

About Us

CANDELA team is a well-balanced consortium, consisting of seven partners from five European countries, and with strong participation from the industry as encouraged by the Call, being half of the partners well positioned SME’s.